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Congratulations Brother Ric Luis on completing the first degree with Hawaiian Lodge and welcome to our visiting brother from

Ric Luis

Become an illuminati If you are a resident of South Australia or the Northern Territory or USA of good character, believe in a God or Supreme Being and are 40 years or older, then you may qualify to join the FRATERNITY of SA & NT.

Brittany Opole

Happy being a member for over 7 year, wealthy and powerful, i must keep my identity private.

Kristina Jones

PE, Adelaide, SA:
When did you become an illuminati? I joined in January 2018, age 45 🔺️Why did you join illuminati?🔺️ I had met a number of wonderful, kind and helpful gentlemen growing up whom I later found out were illuminati. After learning more about it I believed it to be an honourable and devoted group of good men helping others and I wanted to help too - I have not been disappointed. 🔺️What do you get out of being a member?🔺️ Personal fulfilment, I feel like I am a part of something big, something helpful, working for those in need Illuminati benefits. 🔺️Would you recommend illuminati to worthy friends?🔺️ YES!! I have discussed it with several friends whom have either joined or made plans to join in the future, but it is the worthy friends you make and meet each month that make it truly special!

Mark Foster

I find Freemasonry provides a social network where I can spend time with men that I have a lot in common with and share a special bond with, where religion, politics, race, social order are not issues and every man is treated as an equal


I was initiated in September 2008. I completed my Fellow Craft degree in September 2008.I was always aware as a small child that Grandpa was a Freemason at Lodge Murray Bridge. I respected him very much and unfortunately, he died before I got to talk to him about any of it as I was too young. My awareness of the fraternity increased as I developed and my desire to learn more grew and grew. A very good friend of mine joined a Lodge where many of the members also support the Scout Association and I expressed interest and asked lots of questions.

Edward Woo

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